Attract, Hire and Retain a Talented Loyal

Workforce for the Next Generation

American workers are struggling financially. They face crippling student loan debt, a revolving door of credit card debt, rising housing expenses, and skyrocketing medical expenses.

And more and more, employees looking to employers to help them solve this massive problem.

This gives employers today an unprecedented opportunity. Employers who take the time to understand the financial obstacles faced by employees and understand the most important trends shaping workplace benefits, are the ones who will win the war for talent and improve financial outcomes for both workers and business. 

In The Financial Wellness Mandate, seasoned financial and workplace benefits expert Daniel explains how workplace benefits have evolved, details the big four obstacles standing between employees and financial wellness, and shares his unique take on the six most important megatrends that promise to upend how employers, their advisors and benefits providers view and deliver financial wellness benefits:

  • Shifting demographics and the changing face of the American worker
  • The changing relationship between employer and employee from transactional to empathetic and focused on mutual outcomes
  • The undeniable force of behavioral economics and why they matter in how employees handle money and how employers think about benefits
  • The growth of consumerism and what it means for how employee plan and deliver workplace benefits
  • The convergence of health care and financial care and their inseparable impact on employee financial wellness
  • The rise of technology and data, and their impact on financial wellness benefits

Daniel brings these insights together in a way no other author has yet. Employers who heed his advice and follow his clear prescription for creating a more modern benefits strategy will not only help the American worker achieve true financial wellness, they’ll also position themselves to be the employer of choice for current and future generations of employees.


Understand what drives Millenials and what they value.


Consider a less hierarchy organization and rewards based on merit and performance, not tenure and title.


Keep your best Millenial employees by providing experiences and outcomes backed by data science.

 “Employees increasingly look to their employers to help them achieve financial security, and employers are seeking data and insights on how to respond and influence better outcomes.” 

Vishal Jain

Chief Strategy Officer of Financial Wellness, Prudential

“HR departments who think they’re there to create equality and make everyone happy aren’t effectively leading the department. They’re there to create productivity. If my employees complain about the benefits, it’s not a benefit problem, it’s a culture problem. If HR people are afraid to act on the opportunity, maybe it’s not about student loans but rather about culture. Maybe they should be looking at a way to reinforce positive culture prior to amending the benefits.” –

Dave Aronson

CEO of Peanut Butter

“Without financial wellness, there is no overall health and wellness. Organizations that embrace this mantra by helping their employees with financial issues will themselves be healthier and wiser!”

Dr. Richard Chaifetz

CEO of ComPsych